PieMadd Code Jam


Welcome to the home page of the PieMadd Code Jam! This Code Jam is hosted by Piero Maddaleni and will be commencing the weekend following the 4th of July. Updates will be posted on my Twitter with the hashtag #piemaddcodejam. A Discord Server is in the works, so make sure to join there! You can sign up below.


The PieMadd Code Jam was created to help more teens get into programming through Code Jams. The current plans for the program are uncertain. This trial Code Jam in mid-July will help us figure out what path we will go down. We might have Code Jams yearly, monthly, or even weekly based on how well this one turns out. If you want them to happen more frequently, get more of your friends to join in! The more people there are, the mor popular the Code Jam gets, and that means the more sponsors we can get, leading to more frequent Code Jams!

Submission Requirements

The requirements for this jam are that 1.) Your submission was created by you during the jam. Frameworks and libraries created beforehand are allowed. 2.) Your submission MUST BE THROUGH REPL.IT. ANY SUBMISSIONS NOT THROUGH REPL.IT WILL BE IGNORED If you have a Unity game, make sure it can run in a web interface and then upload it to Repl.it's HTML, CSS, and JS code type. Then copy the link to your Repl and submit it here. If you have any questions you can mention me on twitter or email me, the links are on this page. 3.) Your jam must be coded, it cannot be a video.

If these rules confuse you at all, you can mention me on twitter or email me. The links to both are on this page.


Our current sponsor is Repl.it, an online IDE. They are providing 100USD towards the winner(s) and 3 months of their "Hacker" plan to all participants. If you would like to become a sponsor for a future PieMadd Code Jam, you can email us here.

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You can sign up for the event here.